At Door:
3day pass: $45
Friday only: $25
Saturday only: $30
Sunday only: $15

Children 10 and under are free on Sunday with the purchase of an adult badge.


Lost Badges = Buy a new Badge.

  1. If you do lose your badge please check with Convention Operations (Con Ops) to see if it has been returned.
  2. Please return all “Found” badges to Con Ops.
  3. Proper identification MUST be provided in order for your lost badge to be returned to you.
  4. We suggest writing you name on the back of your badge.


I pre-purchased admission but haven’t received anything in the mail, where are my badges?
Answer) To avoid badges being lost in the mail or forgotten at home when you get to the con, badges are not mailed out. Rather they will be waiting for you at the convention at the registration table.

I pre-purchased admission. What do I need to bring to the con?
Answer) A print out of your paypal transaction (if you purchased online) or an ID if you purchased via mail. If you bought multiple pre-regs, just bring information pertaining to the person who purchased them. If mom bought 4 pre-regs for you and your friends and she won’t be there, just let us know (it’s no big deal).

I didn’t pre-purchase admission, can I still buy admission at the door?
Answer) Yes. We accept cash payments at the door.

I’m a minor. Do I have to be accompanied by an adult?
Answer) No, but if  your parent(s) choose to accompany you to the convention, they will be required to purchase a badge to go into the convention center. Children 3 and under do not require a badge with the purchase of an adult badge. Children 4 and over will need a badge to attend the convention.